WWDC: Apple Reveals Updates for All Devices

ChristinaCCM - June 14, 2016 - 07:04 AM

WWDC: Apple Reveals Updates for All Devices

The tech giant announced exciting improvements to watchOS, tvOS, macOS, and iOS in yesterday’s WWDC keynote.

(CCM) — Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) kicked off on Monday in San Francisco with an exciting keynote previewing major updates coming to all Apple devices this year. The conference focused on four major areas of Apple's business, including watchOS, tvOS, macOS (formerly known as OS X), and iOS, with the most notable changes coming in the form of the new macOS Sierra. Global highlights from the keynote include improved Smart Replies and better navigation for the Apple Watch; single sign-on and a new "dark mode" for the Apple TV; Siri integration, cross device copy and paste, and integrated Apple Pay on the new macOS Sierra; and bold new messaging features and redesigned Music, Maps, and News apps for iOS 10. The company also announced plans to open Siri to third-party developers — a long-awaited move that may finally take Apple's digital assistant to the next level.

Over the week-long conference, Apple is also expected to reveal changes to its App Store, as well as to the iCloud platform. New product releases (such as the widely-speculated-upon new MacBook Pro) are not expected to be unveiled until the company's next Special Event, which usually takes place in the fall. The WWDC conference will run from June 12-16. A live stream is available on Apple's official WWDC page.

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