Firefox Trials Split Personality Browser

PaulRubens - June 20, 2016 - 06:58 AM

Firefox Trials Split Personality Browser

Firefox's new Containers feature lets users separate their browsing activities for improved privacy and security.

(CCM) — Firefox is testing out a powerful new weapon in its browser for web users battling to maintain their privacy. The new Containers feature, unveiled last week, allows users to separate their browsing into different categories or contexts, such as Personal, Work, Banking, and Shopping. Each context is isolated from the others, meaning that the cookies, cache, and other information that web sites have access to and use to identify and track visitors in the Work container are completely different from the information stored in the Personal container. That means that a user's Personal browsing history won't influence the advertisements displayed when using the web for work purposes, and that users can simultaneously log in to their work email account in the Work context and their personal email account in the Personal context in different tabs.

When users browse with Containers, each browser tab has a colored icon with the name of that tab's Context and a border with the same color as the icon to make it clear which Context they in. The Containers features is available to try out now in Firefox Nightly, a test version of the browser, which is available to download from the Firefox web site.

Photo : © Mozilla.

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