Google Streamlines Secure Login System

PaulRubens - June 21, 2016 - 05:42 AM

Google Streamlines Secure Login System

Google Prompt provides a quick way for users to access their accounts using Google's 2-Step Verification system.

(CCM) — Google has drastically simplified the way users can log in to their Google accounts securely using its 2-Step Verification system with the introduction of Google Prompt. 2-Step Verification makes the login process more secure by requiring users to perform an action such as entering a security key or a verification code sent to their phones in addition to supplying their password before they can log in to an account. Since last Monday, users have also had the option to approve a simple prompt that appears on their phone to complete the login process. The prompt provides information about the device the user is attempting to log in from as well as its location, and then asks the user to allow or deny the login attempt by pressing one of two buttons displayed on the screen.

Google Prompt is available to iOS users who have the Google Search app installed on their phones and to Android users who have updated to the latest version of Google Play Services. The system requires a data connection, and users cannot have Google Prompt and security keys enabled at the same time.

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