New Kindle Holds Twice as Many Books

New Kindle Holds Twice as Many Books
Amazon's new entry-level Kindle e-reader crams beefed up hardware into a thinner, lighter package.

(CCM) — Amazon has launched a souped up entry-level Kindle e-reader to replace its previous generation entry-level device. Although the price is unchanged at $79.99, the new Kindle has twice the book storage capacity of the previous version and includes Bluetooth connectivity. It is available in black or white, is thinner and lighter than the model it replaces, and has a new more rounded design intended to make it more comfortable to hold in one hand.

Amazon has added a number of new features to the Kindle, including the ability to export notes and highlights from a book via email. Exported notes can be turned in to a PDF document to print out —to take to a book club, Amazon suggests— or opened in a spreadsheet. (This feature will be available in the coming weeks as part of a free software update to the e-reader.) The new Kindle also has built-in audio support, so visually impaired readers can use the VoiceView screen reader to listen to the contents of the screen through Bluetooth headphones or speakers. The device's interface has also received an update and now includes Amazon's new personalized home screen.

Photo: © Amazon.