Vine Scraps Six-Second Video Limit

Vine Scraps Six-Second Video Limit
Vine users can now use their six-second video loops as trailers for mini-movies lasting as long as 10 minutes.

(CCM) — Vine has abandoned its six-second limit and is now experimenting with allowing users to upload videos of up to ten minutes in length. The move may be a response to Vine rival Instagram's recent change that saw its video limit upped from 15 seconds to one minute. Twitter, which owns Vine, has also announced that it is relaxing its video limit from 30 to 140 seconds.

Vine will continue to let users make six-second looped videos, but a "Watch more" button in the lower right corner will allow users to link to longer videos that they have created. "A Vine can now be a trailer that points directly to a mini-movie," the company explained on its blog. Most users will be limited to 140-second videos, but selected Vine partners will only face a ten-minute constraint. Vine has also removed the size limit for these videos, so they can be displayed full screen. They can be shot in landscape or portrait, and viewers can rotate their phones to watch landscape videos in widescreen. Vine is still testing these longer video capabilities and says it is rolling them out to all users as quickly as it can.

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