BitTorrent Launches Streaming App

BitTorrent Launches Streaming App
BitTorrent has launched BitTorrent Now, a music and video streaming app for Android and iOS.

(CCM) — On Thursday, peer-to-peer sharing company BitTorrent announced the launch of its new music and video streaming app, BitTorrent Now. The Verge reports that the app will be a departure from BitTorrent's reputation as a provider of pirated online content and will, instead, feature an assortment of legal content from indie and little-know artists. BitTorrent's VP of Creative Initiatives, Straith Schreder, commented on the app's launch, saying, "Being able to shine a light on some of these creators [and giving them] agency to connect with a passionate global base of film and music fans is really important."

Some of this content will be available free of charge, but others will require payment or feature ads. While the app's main focus will be on conventional uploads, BitTorrent has revealed plans to support various creative formats, including the increasingly popular virtual reality. The app is already available for Android, and the iOS and AppleTV versions of it are expected to appear in Apple's App Store soon. The app's cross-OS availability is a move that reflects the company's efforts to make art as accessible to as many people as possible with the streaming service.

Photo: © BitTorrent.