Oculus Tosses Rift Headset Check

owilson - June 24, 2016 - 07:39 PM

Oculus Tosses Rift Headset Check

Oculus quietly removed the controversial DRM check from their Rift virtual reality headsets.

(CCM) — Oculus Rift users began noticing on Friday that, after a recent update, the normal headset check performed by the device during gameplay had disappeared, according to reports by Forbes. Oculus, which has carved out a prominent spot in the ever-growing virtual reality industry, implemented this type of digital rights management (DRM) check to make sure that players use only Oculus VR headsets to run their accompanying video games. It was a controversial decision to have included this in the Rift, according to Forbes, but Palmer Luckey, Oculus' founder, justified this move, citing it as a way to "invest in [Oculus'] content" in the same vein as Sony.

After much speculation about the future of DRM checks on Oculus devices, the company released an official statement on the removal of headset checks. Indicating that Oculus would be doing away with them entirely, the company added that, "We won't use hardware checks as part of DRM on PC in the future. We believe protecting developer content is critical to the long-term success of the VR industry, and we'll continue taking steps in the future to ensure that VR developers can keep investing in ground-breaking new VR content."

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