Web Giants Crack Down on Terror Videos

PaulRubens - June 27, 2016 - 06:19 AM

Web Giants Crack Down on Terror Videos

YouTube, Facebook, and other streaming sites have introduced software to block extremist videos automatically.

(CCM) — Video streaming giants YouTube and Facebook have begun cracking down on extremist content by introducing software that recognizes it automatically, according to a report in Fortune. Sources told the magazine that YouTube, Facebook, and other large video streaming web sites have begun using automation to block or remove videos posted by supporters of Islamic State and other terrorist organizations. The software was originally developed to enable video sites to recognize video clips that have previously been identified as protected by copyright and remove them automatically. The system also prevents users from reposting material after it has been removed. When dealing with extremist content, the software cannot remove videos that have not been seen before, but sources said that, once identified as extremist, a clip's digital "fingerprint" could be added to a database shared by other video sites using the technology. The sites involved are unwilling to reveal information about the anti-extremism initiative in case it gives terrorists information that they can use to bypass the system, the sources said.

Many video streaming companies currently rely on users to flag content that they find objectionable or offensive. Human moderators then decide whether material should be taken down.

Photo: © Dennis Prykhodov — Shutterstock.com
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