Uber and Pandora Team Up to Ditch Ads

ChristinaCCM - June 28, 2016 - 07:27 AM

Uber and Pandora Team Up to Ditch Ads

Uber and Pandora are teaming up to offer drivers a simpler and safer ad-free streaming experience.

(CCM) — On Monday, ride-hailing app Uber announced a new partnership with online radio app Pandora to offer drivers the ability to stream ad-free music directly from the Uber Partner app. The integration of this new feature will provide drivers with a safer and more seamless listening experience, eliminating the need to toggle between apps to change playlists and providing an uninterrupted music experience that will make rides more pleasant. Drivers can take advantage of this feature by simply connecting their phones to their vehicles via Bluetooth or AUX cable, validating their Pandora credentials, and then selecting a station. "Many drivers already use music to get their day started on the right note, but it can be challenging to find high quality music that both drivers and riders love," said Bob Cowherd, a senior product manager at Uber. "This integration... will make it easier for drivers and riders to listen to the music they love."

This is not the first music-focused partnership for the ride-hailing app. In 2014, Uber signed a partnership with Pandora-competitor, Spotify, to offer Spotify Premium account holders the ability to play their own personal playlists during rides in "music-enabled" cars. No official stats have been released in regard to the partnership's success thus far, but lack of recent marketing for the service is commonly attributed to driver safety concerns and the program's overall limitations. The Uber + Spotify partnership is expected to continue, with unofficial sources claiming that tweaks to the current offerings are "in the works." The Pandora feature will begin its rollout this week in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand (Pandora's current markets). Ad-free listening will be available for a period of six months.

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