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Microsoft Fixes Updates After $10K Case

Microsoft Fixes Updates After $10K Case
Microsoft has fixed the way that Windows 10 updates after a customer won a $10,000 lawsuit against the company.

(CCM) — Microsoft has changed the way that Windows 10 prompts users to update their software following a slew of complaints and a lawsuit that resulted in a $10,000 settlement. Before the change, users were alerted of the available update to Windows 10 with a dialogue box; if they, then, clicked the red "X" on the box, the update was automatically scheduled for a later time without notifying the user. According to the BBC, this was because the update was given "recommended" status, usually reserved for critical security updates, and was likely a response to Microsoft's desire to hurry along the integration of Windows 10. However, it resulted in months of customer backlash, which culminated in a lawsuit filed and won by a Seattle woman that claimed that the automatic update was disruptive and had begun "without permission."

In addition to the payout, Microsoft has released an emailed statement detailing the changes that it made to the way that Windows 10 prompts an update, admitting that the old way had been confusing. Executive Vice President at Windows and Devices Group Terry Myerson said, "The new experience has clearer options to upgrade now, choose a time, or decline the free offer." The company continues to push Windows 10 as better and more secure than its older operating systems despite customer concerns that it may be too heavy for their devices and that it tracks its users too closely.

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