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Pinterest Previews 'Snap to Buy' Feature

Pinterest Previews 'Snap to Buy' Feature
A new camera search feature coming to Pinterest will help users find out where to buy items that they photograph.

(CCM) — Pinterest has previewed its new camera search technology that helps users track down and buy objects that they spot and photograph in the real world. For example, using camera search, a Pinner will be able to snap a photo of a purse that they see someone carrying in order to be directed to identical or similar purses on Pinterest. This type of search will not be restricted to single items, so users will be able to take a photograph of a whole room and get results for many different items. The camera search feature will be launched in the coming months.

Pinterest has also launched automatic object detection for the most popular categories of items on the site. When a user finds an image that interests them on Pinterest and taps on the visual search button, objects, such as lamps or tables, that are identified by the system will be marked with dots. Tapping on a dot will result in a search for similar items on Pinterest that are available for purchase. This is an enhancement of the manual visual search feature introduced last year that requires users to highlight each item that they want to search for manually.

Photo: © tanuha2001 - Shutterstock.com
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