Google to Roll Out Ad Personalization

Google to Roll Out Ad Personalization
Google will unveil a new tool that allows users select the ads that they want to see across their devices.

(CCM) — Google has announced that it will be rolling out "Ads Personalization," a new tool that will let users choose the advertisements that they want to see. The tool, which will be opt-in, will include a list of areas of interest from which users may choose in order to personalize the ads that they see; users will also have the option to add topics to the list. Once a user is logged in, their preferences will be applied across their devices and to over 2 million third-party websites that partner with Google. The tool will also allow users to mute certain ads that they do not wish to see as well as to opt completely out of the service, though Google warns that doing so will not exempt them from receiving ad content. The tool is expected to be officially added to users' browser settings "in the coming weeks," according to a Google spokeswoman.

"Ads Personalization" is one of a few improvements that Google is in the process of making to its user experience. In June, the tech leader announced the introduction of Google Prompt, a streamlined version of its 2-Step Verification process that allows users to more easily and securely log in to their accounts. Google Prompt is available for both iOS and Android devices.

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