Indian Court Dismisses Ban on WhatsApp

Indian Court Dismisses Ban on WhatsApp
The Indian Supreme Court rejected a plea seeking to ban WhatsApp and other encrypted messengers.

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(CCM) — On Wednesday, India's Supreme Court dismissed a petition seeking a ban on instant messenger app WhatsApp due to its end-to-end encryption platform. Encryption is a technical process that encodes messages in such a pattern that only an authorized person or source can access it. In April, the Facebook-owned messaging service added the major security feature to its system by activating 256-bit encryption for each message. It has won the app praise, but is also the reason why Right to Information advocate Sudhir Yadav petitioned to have it removed from India. According to Yadav, message encryption gives terrorists a platform to communicate without fear of being intercepted, as even WhatsApp does not own the keys to break the code. He also raised a similar point about other messaging services, likes Viber, Secure, and Hike.

Yadav added, “Even if WhatsApp was asked to break through an individual’s message to hand over the data to the government, it would fail as it, too, [lacks] the decryption keys.” Chief Justice of India TS Thakur and Justice AM Khanwilkar have asked Yadav to, instead, approach the government about the issue through its telecommunications branch.

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