Facebook Makes Business Post U-Turn

PaulRubens - June 30, 2016 - 06:12 AM

Facebook Makes Business Post U-Turn

A change to Facebook's ranking algorithm will reduce the amount of commercial posts on users' News Feeds.

(CCM) — Facebook is rethinking the way that it ranks News Feed items to give less priority to posts from brands and media organizations and more to stories from users' family and friends. The social network said that feedback from Facebook users indicates that people with many connections worry that commercial postings may make them miss important updates from the people who they care about. While the changes announced today will reduce the News Feed post rankings on Facebook Pages, such as those belonging to businesses or their products, it is expected that the effect will be less significant for Page posts that a user's friends interact with by sharing, liking, or commenting on them. The changes will take effect in the coming weeks.

Facebook Vice President Adam Mosseri said that the company will continue to make improvements to the News Feed and its ranking algorithm, adding that the work is "only 1% finished." Future changes will be guided by Facebook research that shows that users value posts that they consider informative and that they want their feeds to be sources of entertainment. The company will also work to reduce the rankings of stories that users are likely to find "misleading, sensational, and spammy."

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