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Amazon Offers Ad-Supported Smartphones

Amazon Offers Ad-Supported Smartphones
Amazon has unveiled two reduced-price Android phones that display ads and come preloaded with the company's apps.

(CCM) — Amazon is slashing $50 off of the prices of two Android smartphones for Amazon Prime customers who agree to have advertisements and special offers placed on the handsets' lock screens. Both devices show personalized Amazon offers, including deals and product recommendations when the phone is locked, while still providing access to notifications. Tapping on an offer brings up more information, but unlocking the phone makes the offer disappear. The phones are also supplied with a selection of Amazon apps including Amazon Music and Amazon Kindle preinstalled. The two subsidized smartphones being offered are the Blu R1 HD handset, available for $49.99, and the new fourth generation Motorola Moto G, which is priced at $149. Both phones, which come unlocked and run Android 6.0 Marshmallow, are available for preorder now and will be officially released on July 12.

Amazon introduced ad-supported Kindle e-readers in 2011 and ad-supported Fire tablets in 2012, along with more expensive ad-free versions. The vast majority of customers choose to buy the ad-supported versions of both devices, according to Amazon's consumer electronics Vice President, Laura Orvidas.

Photo: © Hadrian - Shutterstock.com
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