Oculus CEO Falls Prey to Malicious Hack

owilson - July 1, 2016 - 01:20 PM

Oculus CEO Falls Prey to Malicious Hack

Oculus' CEO has had his Twitter account hacked recently due to insecure password practices.

(CCM) — Oculus' CEO, Brendan Iribe, joins the ranks of tech industry bigwigs who have had their online social media accounts hacked in recent weeks. On Wednesday night, a tweet was sent out from Iribe's Twitter handle from an individual going by the name of Lid. "Hey its @Lid… im not testing ya security im just havin a laugh [sic]," the user tweeted, referencing the slew of recent breaches of accounts belonging to tech industry decision-makers. The user went on to claim that he or she was able to gain access to Iribe's Twitter account because he had "used the same pass[word] for four years."

According to the hacker, Iribe's allegedly four-year-old password was among those included in a dump of MySpace username and password combinations that occurred last month. The hacker even bragged that he or she could have accessed Iribe's email had he not been using two-factor authentication, before demanding that Iribe provide the hacker with a free Oculus Rift headset in exchange for the hacker's release of Iribe's Twitter account. There is no word yet on whether Iribe ceded to the hacker's demands, but the account has since been restored.

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