Google 'Now on Tap' Gets Language Boost

PaulRubens - July 7, 2016 - 05:36 AM

Google 'Now on Tap' Gets Language Boost

Phone users can now translate any text displayed in apps or on web pages using Google's new search service.

(CCM) — Google has supercharged its "Now on Tap" service with new translation and search features, the company announced yesterday. Introduced in Android 6 Marshmallow, "Now on Tap" scans a mobile device's screen and provides more information about its content. With the new translation feature it is now possible to translate text displayed on the screen into the language that the device is set to, regardless of whether the text is on a web page or in an app. "If you’re using Google Maps and come across a location or a restaurant review in a foreign language, just long press the home button, and continue reading," explained Product Manager Aneto Okonkwo in a blog post. The translation feature is currently available for phones with the language set to English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian.

With the new search powers, a "Now on Tap" user can touch a "Discover" button to call up a list of links to YouTube videos, news articles, and other material related to the content displayed on their screen. They can also now point their phone camera at bar codes or QR codes to get information such as user reviews about packaged products, books, and DVDs.

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