New Google Search Finds Travel Deals

New Google Search Finds Travel Deals
Google has introduced an all-new search engine update that simplifies your travel planning experience.

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(CCM) — On Tuesday, Google unveiled an update to its search engine algorithm that makes finding cheap flights and trusted hotels easier. You can now type directly into the search box your preferences, considerably cutting down the time that is spent booking. For example, you can type, "free WiFi and sea-facing hotels in Gokarna," receive a result loaded with additional filtering options, like price and star ratings, and zero in on the exact type of listing that you're looking for. Google has also included in the updated search box several other interesting categories, including pet-friendly, kid-friendly, smoke-free, and with or without laundry services available.

The search engine will also advertise deals, listing all accommodation that is available at a lower price than normal. "These deals are automatically identified by our algorithms when we see a significant reduction in price. In our early tests, we've seen that hotels marked as deals receive about twice as many bookings as other hotels," Google said in a blog post. With the help of its improved module, you can also track fare changes for particular flights and receive notifications about the rates. The updates will be made available over the next few weeks in all 26 countries where Google Flights is currently functional.

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