Facebook Messenger Gets Instant Articles

PaulRubens - July 15, 2016 - 10:27 AM

Facebook Messenger Gets Instant Articles

The introduction of Instant Articles technology will make links open ten times faster in Facebook Messenger.

(CCM) — Links in Facebook's Messenger app will soon load ten times faster thanks to the introduction of Instant Articles technology, the company has announced. The technology works by storing the contents of web pages on Facebook's own servers, and it was made available to all publishers for use with the main Facebook app in April. Support for Facebook Messenger on Android has begun rolling out already, while iPhone users will be able to start using it "in the coming weeks," according to Josh Roberts, Product Manager for Messenger. When Instant Articles is available, users will see a lightning bolt in the top right corner of links to Instant Articles which are shared in Messenger. Publishers that have enabled Instant Articles for Facebook will have them enabled for Messenger automatically so that the lightning symbol will appear whenever links to their articles are shared in Messenger.

So far more than 1,000 publishers have signed up to Facebook's Instant Articles program, and the company's own data shows that, on average, people read up to 40% more Instant Articles than mobile web articles in places where internet connections are slow. They are also 70% less likely to abandon an article after clicking on it because they do not have to wait as long for the page to load, the company says.

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