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Windows 10 Misses Expected Adoption Mark

Windows 10 Misses Expected Adoption Mark
Microsoft says that Windows 10 will not reach its one-billion-device target, blaming poor phone sales.

(CCM) — Microsoft has admitted that it will fail to meet its target of one billion devices running its Windows 10 operating system by 2018, according to a BBC report. The company says that about 350 million devices are using Windows 10 today, and this number is expected to receive a boost over the coming days as users install it on their computers to take advantage of Microsoft's free upgrade offer that expires on July 29. After that date, the upgrade will cost $119. Research house Gartner has also predicted that businesses will begin to adopt Windows 10 more strongly in the coming months.

Microsoft attributes the poorer-than-expected adoption of Windows 10 to its faltering mobile phone strategy. The company had hoped to sell about 50 million phones running Windows 10 Mobile software every year, but the mobile operating system has failed to gain traction in the market. In the first quarter of 2016, Windows phone sales ran to just 2.4 million units, or 0.7% of the global smartphone market, according to research carried out by Gartner. In May, the company cut 1,850 jobs from its phone business in a move that likely signaled an end to Microsoft's involvement in smartphone development.

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