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Amazon Mistakenly Leaks PS4 Neo Details

Amazon Mistakenly Leaks PS4 Neo Details
Amazon accidentally released precious details about Sony's forthcoming PlayStation 4 Neo.

(CCM) — Amazon may have let slip the price and release data of Sony's keenly awaited PlayStation 4 Neo game console, according to a report by Yahoo! News. The online retailer's Spanish website briefly published details about the new console, including a retail price of €399.99 ($441). Amazon's prices include Spanish sales tax of 21%; barring this, there is an implied price in the U.S. of about $365. The console had been expected to launch in 2016, but Amazon specified Oct. 13 as the precise date of the launch. Amazon has now removed the information from its website, and Sony is expected to unveil the PlayStation 4 Neo officially at the Tokyo Game Show 2016 in September.

Earlier this month, another leak provided some clues about the new game console's specifications. According to the leak, the console will be able to run new games at a resolution of 4K, and when playing existing PlayStation 4 titles, it will upscale them to the higher resolution automatically. The Neo will use the same central processing unit as the existing PlayStation 4 but will feature an upgraded graphics processing unit (GPU). According to the leak, the Neo's GPU will have 36 compute units compared to the PlayStation 4's 18 units, resulting in more than twice the graphics performance of the older game console.

Photo: © Anton Watman – Shutterstock.com
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