Snapchat Files Image Recognition Patent

ChristinaCCM - July 19, 2016 - 06:51 AM

Snapchat Files Image Recognition Patent

The patent details how brands could utilize image recognition technology to customize in-app advertising.

(CCM) — A new patent released last week by the United States Patent and Trademark office details Snapchat's potential plans to utilize image recognition technology to tailor ad content to its users. First filed in January 2015, the patent details how brands can use this technology to identify objects in personal snaps and then use this data to offer consumers special filters, ad content, or even coupons that are location-specific. To illustrate this principle, Snapchat described a scenario where photos taken of the Empire State Building could generate an animated King Kong filter that changes depending on which side of the building a user is on. Alternatively, if someone sitting in a café were to snap a photo of their coffee cup, he or she may be served with a special offer or in-store coupon.

With more and more businesses turning to social media to reach their consumers, social networks are faced with the daunting task of providing innovations that can speak to companies and consumers alike. Back in June, Facebook released a new Curated Events feature that uses an algorithm to identify events in a user's location and encourage them to RSVP. This new patent makes Snapchat the latest social media outlet to explore alternate uses for geo-location software and image recognition technology in order to boost user engagement.

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