Apple Music Ditches DRM for Uploads

PaulRubens - July 19, 2016 - 08:40 AM

Apple Music Ditches DRM for Uploads

Apple is changing the way it handles songs that Apple Music subscribers upload from their music libraries.

(CCM) — Apple has abandoned its strategy of applying digital rights management (DRM) automatically to any songs that Music users upload to the cloud from their music library. Applying DRM prevents users from retrieving the songs that they have uploaded from the cloud and then playing them on devices not registered with Apple, even if they have written and recorded the songs themselves and own the copyrights to them.

Apple is also scrapping the very basic song matching system that it uses with its Apple Music service, replacing it with iTunes Match's more sophisticated and accurate system. Apple Music's system simply recognizes songs based on metadata included in a song file, such as the song and artist name, but this is not always accurate. The system can also have trouble distinguishing between a studio recording and a live version of the same song if they have the same metadata. iTunes Match's system works in a similar way to Shazam by using an acoustic fingerprint recognition algorithm to identify not just songs, but particular recordings of those songs. Matching allows users to stream songs from the cloud that are a part of a user's own library even if they are not available as a part of the Apple Music service.

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