Gorilla Glass 5 Survives Worse Falls

Gorilla Glass 5 Survives Worse Falls
Corning's next-generation toughened glass could make mobile phone screens significantly harder to break.

(CCM) — Cracked phone screens may become increasingly rare, thanks to the introduction of a new generation of toughened glass unveiled by Corning yesterday. Gorilla Glass 5 survives drops onto rough, unforgiving surfaces up to four times better than other glass screens, the company claims. In Corning's laboratory tests, Gorilla Glass 5 survived being dropped face-down from a height of 1.6 meters onto rough surface, mimicking a phone being dropped onto the ground by a user from between waist and shoulder height. The company did not provide information about how well the glass can survive being dropped on its edge rather than on its face or its chances of remaining intact when dropped from head height. Corning cites a global study that found that 60% of smartphone owners reported dropping their devices from between shoulder and waist height. The study also mentions that over 85% of smartphone owners reported dropping their phone at least once per year and 55% reported dropping it three or more times.

Gorilla Glass 5 is available to manufacturers now and is expected to start appearing in new mobile devices later in the year. Previous generations of Gorilla Glass have been used in more than 4.5 billion mobile devices worldwide for over 40 different hardware brands.

Image: © Corning.