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Firefox Declares War on Flash

Firefox Declares War on Flash
Inessential Flash content will be blocked from running on Firefox browsers starting in August.

(CCM) — Firefox has begun cracking down on the use of Flash by announcing that, starting in August, it will block Flash content that it deems inessential from users' browsers. The move is intended to enhance users' security, improve battery life, enable pages to load faster, and increase browser responsiveness, according to Benjamin Smedberg, Manager of Firefox Engineering. He expects that the ban on Flash will also result in 10% fewer crashes and browser freezes. To minimize problems viewing websites, the changes will initially be limited to a short list of Flash content that can be replaced with HTML, the language used to build web pages. Additions will be made to the list over time, and later in the year, Firefox will include the use of Flash to check if users can see advertisements on the list. In 2017, Firefox will require users to click on all Flash content to activate it.

Over the past few years, internet services including YouTube and Facebook have switched from Flash to HTML5 for displaying video, and Google began blocking most Flash content from its Chrome browser. Microsoft has announced that next month it will introduce a feature in its Edge browser that will automatically stop any Flash content that is not central to the web page unless a user explicitly clicks to play it.

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