India Hosts Its Own 'Poke Hunt' Walk

RanuP - July 25, 2016 - 03:30 PM

India Hosts Its Own 'Poke Hunt' Walk

New Delhi residents organized their own Pokémon walk to hunt down the digital creatures.

(CCM) — Taking advantage of the current worldwide Pokémon GO fever, non-profit organization Performers’ Consortium hosted a Pokémon hunt on Sunday in New Delhi's Lutyen area. Pokémon GO has yet to be officially launched in India, despite the fact that fans have quickly latched onto the game after downloading it from various online sources using Android application package (APK) files. And, over the weekend, they showed their willingness to support the game in a big way. The unconventional walk began at the city's India Gate, where hundreds of Pokémon GO fans gathered to catch the rarest digital creatures for their virtual collection, known to fans as a "Pokédex". A canopy containing several PokéStops full of unlimited Pokéballs greeted the walkers at the beginning of the event; after passing various landmarks, the walk ended at a Pokegym in the famous Khan Market area.

"This is a meet-up for all excited and nostalgic Pokemon 80s, 90s, 00s kids/teens/adulting adults. India Gate has many Pokemons [sic], PokeStops, and a PokeGym! This is a chance to unite and play the game together. We will have a few surprises and lures awaiting the PokeHunters,” read the Facebook invitation for the event. The efforts turned out to be successful. “We had planned so many things initially. But it turned out to be spontaneous. We saw people rushing to catch monsters. In reality, we ended up guiding them ourselves. It was better than our expectations," said Manu Kamath, the event's organizer, of the unexpected turnout for the event. Kamath’s team is now planning to host more hunts like this one in the coming month.

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