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Google Rolls Out Spam Call Protection

Paul Rubens - July 26, 2016 - 05:56 AM
Google Rolls Out Spam Call Protection
Nexus and Android One phone users can block and report spam calls with the latest Phone app update.

(CCM) — Google is cracking down on spam phone callers with an update to the Google Phone app that introduces spam protection on Nexus and Android One handsets. The company's Gmail service already has strong anti-spam measures in place to detect and block unwanted emails. The phone spam protection service, announced yesterday, works in conjunction with caller ID, and if both are enabled, a warning pops up with the message "Suspected spam caller" whenever Google identifies a call believed to originate from a phone spammer. Users can then reject the call or choose to take it. If it receives user input, the system improves in accuracy over time in a way very similar to Gmail's anti-spam system. After receiving a call, a user can report it to Google as spam and block it in the future or mark a call as "Not Spam" if the system mistakenly flagged it as an unwanted call.

Samsung introduced a similar type of spam call protection on its Galaxy S7 phone line in March, using a partnership with Whitepages to identify 1.5 billion phone numbers from around the world. Google began rolling out the new Phone app update yesterday to Nexus and AndroidOne devices running Android 6.0 or later.

Image: © Google.
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