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Microsoft Adds Machine Learning to Word

Microsoft Adds Machine Learning to Word
Writers will get expert advice from a cloud-based digital writing assistant that gets more proficient over time.

(CCM) — Microsoft is adding machine learning capabilities to Office 365 to help users improve their writing. The new service is called Editor, and the company is touting it as a "digital writing assistant" that can provide advanced proofing and editing advice. Initially, it will help simplify and streamline users' writing by flagging unclear phrases or complex words and suggesting changes, such as recommending using "most" instead of "the majority of," Kirk Koenigsbauer, the company's vice president for the Office team, said in a blog post. Since Editor is a cloud-based service, Koenigsbauer promises that it will get better over time. "This fall, it will expand upon Word’s current spelling and grammar tools to inform you why words or phrases may not be accurate — teaching at the same time it is correcting," he said.

Microsoft is also introducing Researcher, a service that allows users to find material related to the topic that they are writing about and add it — along with a properly formatted citation — to their Word document in one click. The two services are available today for Office 365 subscribers using Word 2016 on Windows desktops.

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