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Amazon to Start Deliveries by Drone

Olivia Long - July 27, 2016 - 02:16 PM
Amazon to Start Deliveries by Drone
Amazon has worked out a deal to start test flying delivery drones throughout Britain.

(CCM) — Amazon has teamed up with the British government to begin a drone flying program that may prove to be the building blocks of a new airborne delivery plan for the company. According to reports by The BBC, the implementation of this program means that deliveries would be able to arrive at your front step faster than ever — in as little as 30 minutes from the time that you place your order. There are many available drone options, but Amazon seems to be leaning toward a helicopter-airplane hybrid that can fly at 50 miles per hour for 10 miles or more away from base, at a height of around 350 feet.

While this could spell more efficient and profitable future operations for all businesses that could exploit drone technology, there are still a great deal of concerns over the commercial use of drones. The first is that drones are currently not allowed to be flown out of the line of sight of its pilot, which would eliminate most long-distance deliveries that Amazon would be interested in carrying out. Others include the fact that the drones might bump into things or be a threat to civilian privacy by filming them, even accidentally. (Amazon assures the public, however, that their drones would not include cameras, only sensors.) The company and the British government hope to "create an environment where drones can be operated safely, beyond the line of sight" by 2020.

Image: © Hadrian - Shutterstock.com
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