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Mozilla Revamps Firefox for iOS Browser

Paul Rubens - July 28, 2016 - 11:22 AM
Mozilla Revamps Firefox for iOS Browser
The Firefox for iOS web browser has been updated to get pages faster and use less power.

(CCM) — Mozilla has completed a major overhaul of Firefox for iOS, resulting in big improvements to the mobile web browser's speed, the company has announced. Nick Nguyen, Vice President of Firefox Product, added in a blog post that the browser now uses up to 30% less memory and up to 40% less processing resources. As a result users will see longer battery life and get to web pages faster than with the previous version of Firefox for iOS. Another new feature enables user to go to any web site that features a search box and tap on the magnifying glass icon to add that search to the browser's list of search engines. Firefox for iOS also features a new menu on the toolbar that allows for easier navigation and quick access to frequently used features such as adding a bookmark or finding specific text on a page.

Apple first allowed third party browsers on iOS in 2009, but the company only allows browser-makers to use its Webkit-based rendering engine instead of their own. Firefox for iOS, which first appeared in November 2015, is therefore the only Firefox browser that does not use Mozilla's Gecko rendering framework.

Image: © Mozilla Foundation.
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