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See Space in VR with HTC Vive's 'ADR1FT'

See Space in VR with HTC Vive's 'ADR1FT'
The virtual reality game that sends its players into simulated outer space has come to the HTC Vive.

(CCM) — No longer do players hoping to experience a simulated space launch have to wait in line for the Oculus Rift, because Adam Orth's virtual reality video game, "ADR1FT," has been given its long-awaited introduction to the HTC Vive. The game's official release, which first happened for the Rift in early 2016 and was scheduled for the Vive in May, was delayed until Thursday in order to make full use of the Vive's advanced motion control wands. And, according to Orth, the delay paid off. "Reaching out for oxygen canisters, audio logs, terminals, collectibles, debris etc. with your arms while simultaneously micro-tuning your movement on the Wand pads and managing your oxygen adds an incredible new layer to the game that changes it fundamentally and we think you are really going to love it." he said on the ThreeOneZero blog. "We [at ThreeOneZero] are having a great time playing 'ADR1FT' this way."

While the game only supports seated or standing physical interaction, players experience the full virtual zero-gravity environment. However, non-VR options also exist for fans of "ADR1FT," including a currently-available version for PlayStation 4 and a forthcoming Xbox One iteration.

Image: © ThreeOneZero.
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