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Tablet Sales in Spiral of Death

PaulRubens - August 2, 2016 - 10:26 AM
Tablet Sales in Spiral of Death
Sales of iPads and other tablets are continuing their two-yearlong declines, according to analysts' figures.

(CCM) — Tablet sales around the world plummeted in the second quarter of this year, continuing a two-year downward trend, according to technology research firms Canalys and IDC. Canalys believes that tablet sales are down 16% on the same period last year, resulting in just 35 million tablets shipping. IDC said sales declined by 12.3%, resulting in shipments of 38.7 million tablets during the quarter. Reasons for the decline in the tablet market may include users keeping their devices for longer because they see little reason to upgrade and users regarding smartphones with displays of 5.5-inches or more as alternatives to smaller tablet devices. Sales of Apple's iPhone alone reached almost 40 million units during the quarter, more than the sales of all of the tablets from every manufacturer combined. Both research companies predict that the next version of Android, called Nougat, will help sales of tablets aimed at the business market when it is released thanks to its multitasking capabilities, such as a split-screen mode.

Apple's iPad was by far the most popular tablet, according to both Canalys and IDC, accounting for about a quarter of all tablet sales. Samsung took second place with about 16%, followed by Lenovo and Huawei with about 6%. Amazon's low-price Fire tablets captured just 4% of the tablet market.

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