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Instagram Copies Snapchat's 'Stories'

Instagram Copies Snapchat's 'Stories'
Instagram's newest slideshow addition bears a striking resemblance to the identically-named Snapchat feature.

(CCM) — Instagram has taken a page out of rival service Snapchat's "Stories" by releasing a similar feature with the same name. Instagram Stories, announced today, lets users share multiple photos and videos that appear together in a slideshow format. Text and doodles can be added to each image using the tools provided, just as they can in Snapchat's version of the feature. The photos and videos will disappear after 24 hours and don't appear on the user's profile grid or feed. Swiping up on a photo or an image in a story brings up information about who has viewed it. "Stories" follow the privacy settings of a user's account, so if an account is set to private, then "Stories" are only visible to followers.

Instagram users can also see "Stories" about people who they follow in a bar at the top of their feed, and a colored ring appears around a profile when that user adds content to their story. Although it is not possible to "like" or comment in public about a photo or video, users can send private comments using the Instagram Direct private message system. Instagram "Stories" will be rolling out globally over the next few weeks on iOS and Android.

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