Warning Issued for Fake Pokémon GO Apps

Warning Issued for Fake Pokémon GO Apps
Indian cybersecurity sleuths have issued a warning about fake Pokémon GO apps on the internet.

(CCM) — Indian cybersecurity organizations have issued a notice about fake versions of the viral smartphone game Pokémon GO. These fake apps, which are available for free on third-party sites, can compromise anyone’s phone to extract its data. Since the game is still not officially available in the country, fans are rushing to download it from anywhere that it can be accessed. "Some fake versions of Pokémon GO are lock screen apps, [and others] are embedded with [a] malicious Remote Access Tool (RAT), called Droidjack for Android," said India's Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In), the agency responsible for combatting hacking and security-related dangers on the internet, in a recent advisory. "The malicious apps [connect] to various sites [that] give fake messages and entice users to download other side-loaded apps."

Since the game's general release, the agency has detected at least three fake apps — Pokémon GO Ultimate, Guide & Cheats for Pokémon GO, and Install Pokemongo. These fake apps can lock the device and force it to reboot, and they burn data at enormous rates, as they never stop running in the background. Most dangerously, these fake apps can connect hackers directly to a victim’s Android phone. This could lead to the installation of various unwanted apps and the compromising of personal data stored on the device, including photos, videos, and messages. In addition to an efficient anti-virus, CERT-In has recommended that users not click on any pop-ups, notifications, ad banners, and that they avoid downloading the app from unsafe third-party sites.

Image: © ibreakstock - Shutterstock.com