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Facebook Tests New Camera to Boost Posts

Olivia Long - August 5, 2016 - 02:20 PM
Facebook Tests New Camera to Boost Posts
Facebook has added a Snapchat-like camera atop the News Feed to encourage users to post of-the-moment content.

(CCM) — Facebook has begun testing a new Snapchat-like camera to prompt users to upload more original, spontaneous content. This makes the social network the second company, after Instagram, in the span of a just a few days to have implemented a new camera feature that was clearly inspired by Snapchat. The new camera will be located at the top of the News Feed — taking up one-third of users' phone screens until they scroll down — and includes drawing tools, masks, filters, and frames, according to reports by Forbes.

The addition of the feature is a response to declining original sharing on Facebook, which hopes to see an increase in not only original posts, but expressive and spontaneous ones, too. "We hope we can use the camera as a platform to launch new visual sharing experiences,” said Facebook Product Manager Sachin Monga in an interview. “The vast majority of people have never experienced opening a phone and having it turn into a magical augmented reality camera." The app's rollout has, so far, been restricted among iOS users in Canada and Brazil, a decision that was likely partly influenced by the surge of user activity that the company expects surrounding the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. However, users in other locations could see the feature pop up on their accounts soon, as Facebook has revealed that it has not yet set an end date to the tests and that it could be expanded if the results are positive.

Image: © Facebook.
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