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Tesla Autopilot Helps Save Man's Life

PaulRubens - August 9, 2016 - 04:21 AM
Tesla Autopilot Helps Save Man's Life
An American lawyer's Tesla car drove him to the hospital after he was incapacitated behind the wheel.

(CCM) — An American lawyer believes his Tesla Model X saved his life after he suffered a pulmonary embolism while driving home to celebrate his daughter's birthday, according to a BBC report. After driving on to the highway, Joshua Neally, 37, began to suffer intense pain in his chest and stomach, but instead of stopping and waiting for an ambulance, he engaged the car's autopilot feature and directed it to drive him to the nearest hospital. The car drove Neally safely for about 20 miles through heavy traffic to a hospital close to the highway exit ramp. He then took control of the car and drove it into the hospital's parking lot before checking himself in to the emergency room. Pulmonary embolisms are obstructions of blood vessels in the lungs that are potentially fatal, and doctors say he was lucky to survive one while driving, according to the BBC.

The good-news story will be welcomed by Tesla, which is still reeling from the bad publicity following the death of an Ohio man in Florida in June when his Tesla Model S was involved in a collision with an 18-wheel truck while driving in autopilot mode. Last month, a man survived when his Model X crashed in Montana after it swerved into wooden rails next to a two-lane road while the feature was engaged.

Image: © Lukas Godja - Shutterstock.com
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