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Seagate Smashes SSD Capacity Record

Seagate Smashes SSD Capacity Record
The storage manufacturer has announced a new solid state drive with a record-breaking 60 TB data capacity.

(CCM) — Seagate has smashed the solid state drive (SSD) capacity record by unveiling its new SSD that can hold a staggering 60 TB of data — four times more than the previous record capacity of Samsung's 15-TB SSD. Seagate made the announcement at the Flash Memory Summit industry conference in Santa Clara yesterday. 60 TB is roughly the same storage capacity as 43 million floppy disks and is enough to store about 400 million photos or 12,000 DVD movies. The SSD will initially be targeted at the business storage market and will be available next year. Samsung's 15-TB drive costs about $10,000, and Seagate's drive is unlikely to have a lower price tag. Lower-cost drives with a similar capacity aimed at the consumer market may well become available 12 to 18 months after the new 60-TB drive is released.

The 60-TB capacity is possible thanks to a new flash technology called 3D NAND, which stacks layers of storage cells on top of each other. This enables a large quantity of storage cells to fit into a small surface area. The Seagate drive also uses a technology called TLC (triple-level cell), which can store three times more information in a storage cell than conventional SLC (single-level cell) technology.

Image: © Seagate.
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