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Google Maps India Gets Offline Ability

Google Maps India Gets Offline Ability
Android users in India will soon be able to take advantage of Google Maps' offline viewing feature.

(CCM) — Google announced on Tuesday that it would be expanding its offline viewing feature to Android users in India. To enable a user to view a map offline, the app will save the entire map — in addition to all important information, like distance, route, and traffic when searching for directions — directly to the SD card on the user's phone. The moment that the device goes offline, the app's WiFi mode will be able to fetch the most recently-saved map in order to display the route. This feature is especially useful for travel in areas that receive weak 3G, 4G, EDGE, and GPRS signals, the web giant shared with the media in a statement. The company has revealed that it will gradually roll out the new feature to Android devices across the country, but it has yet to share any details about when it will launch for iOS devices, if ever.

The addition of the offline viewing capability for Indian users is only one of a few recent updates made by Google to its Maps app. In July, the company gave its Android version a major facelift and added Areas of Interest, which lists locations and routes with the most hotels, restaurants, shopping stores, and bars. The iOS version also got a multiple-destination navigation system, which allows users to add mid-route pit stops.

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