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Intel Presents Its New VR Headset

ChristinaCCM - August 18, 2016 - 06:10 AM
Intel Presents Its New VR Headset
Intel's 'Project Alloy' is an all-in-one virtual reality solution that combines virtual and augmented reality.

(CCM) — Virtual reality technology is welcoming a new competitor to the playing field. On Wednesday, at the 2016 Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, Intel CEO Brian Krazanich introduced the world to Project Alloy, an all-in-one virtual reality helmet that combines virtual and augmented reality technology. Dubbed "merged reality," the headset promises to bring a new kind of immersive experience to the user. "Merged reality delivers virtual-world experiences more dynamically and naturally than ever before," noted Krazanich. "[It] makes experiences impossible in the real world now possible." In addition to merged reality, Project Alloy offers consumers something that competitors Oculus and HTC cannot: wireless technology. While most other VR headsets currently on the market require some sort of connection to a computer, Alloy's combined use of cameras, sensors, and controllers will give users complete freedom to move and interact with the world around them. This "six degrees of freedom" is achieved through the use of RealSense technology, which analyzes movements through multiple infrared laser cameras.

Project Alloy is still in its prototype stage, so few details were released in regard to the helmet's technical detail and release date. However, Intel did announce that it has partnered with Microsoft in hopes of making Alloy compatible with Windows Holographic technology. The company also confirmed that it will provide open APIs for the ecosystem and will allow developers and other partners to create their own branded products using Alloy's design in 2017.

Image: © Intel.
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