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Tinder Awards Its Own Gold Medals in Rio

रत्नेंद्र अशोक - August 18, 2016 - 01:30 PM
Tinder Awards Its Own Gold Medals in Rio
In Rio de Janeiro, many athletes are turning to the dating field for a new challenge.

(CCM) — The competition in Rio de Janeiro is heating up both on the field and off, and Tinder has the data to prove it. According to recent stats released by the app, user activity in and around the Olympic Village has surged 129% in the past week with no sign of slowing down. To celebrate that, Tinder is awarding gold medals to the most right-swiped athletes and sports. Results were generated by tracking Tinder users in the Rio de Janeiro area with any mention of a sport, job, or athletic profession in their profile section between the dates of Aug. 5 and Aug. 14. Quite surprisingly, the data revealed that the most right-swiped athletes and categories are not necessarily indicative of the most "popular" or followed sports. When results were in, men's tennis took the gold medal for most right-swiped male sport, while women's table tennis took the gold in the female category.

Although tennis and table tennis took home the top prizes for most desirable sport, Tinder's study also revealed the top five runners-up in each category. Rounding out the men's most desired sports were weightlifting, gymnastics, judo, sport shooting, and boxing, while field hockey, rowing, weightlifting, swimming, and rugby took home consolation prizes for the women. One surprising snub in the "Tinder Olympics" is the men's swimming category, which, despite boasting athletes such as Federico Grabich and Ryan Lochte, doesn't grace the top five. According to official data, Tinder makes over 26 million matches every day around the globe.

Image: © M-SUR - Shutterstock.com


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