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Twitter Purges 235K Users for Extremism

Olivia Long - August 19, 2016 - 06:21 AM
Twitter Purges 235K Users for Extremism
Twitter has banned 235,000 accounts that promoted terrorism, shifting its fight against extremism into overdrive.

(CCM) — On Thursday, Twitter announced that it had suspended over the last six months 235,000 user accounts that promoted terrorism. This brings the total figure of accounts removed by the social network for this reason up to 360,000 since it first began cracking down on violent, extremist content in 2015. Although Twitter has steadfastly championed free speech, daily suspensions for violations of its policy against terrorism have risen 80% over the last year, with spikes immediately following terrorist attacks, according to the company. "The world has witnessed a further wave of deadly, abhorrent terror attacks across the globe," the company said in an official statement. "We strongly condemn these acts and remain committed to eliminating the promotion of violence or terrorism on our platform." It also highlighted its efforts to not only get rid of extremist content but to keep it off of timelines everywhere, despite the fact that "there is no one 'magic algorithm' for identifying terrorist content on the Internet."

Social networks have increasingly become a meeting place for individuals and groups wishing to express extremist, racist, and — for these reasons — generally banned ideas in anonymity. In July, a secret Facebook group sparked 25 police raids across Germany for violating the country's strict restriction on hate speech.

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