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Amazon Plans $5 Music Streaming Service

Christina Langer - August 23, 2016 - 06:18 AM
Amazon Plans $5 Music Streaming Service
Amazon is preparing to launch two new music subscription services, one of which will be available for just $5.

(CCM) — According to a new report from Recode, Amazon is preparing to launch two new music subscription services that will compete with those already offered by Spotify and Pandora. The first service will mirror those of its competitors, offering unlimited streaming to anyone from any device at a price of $10 per month. The second service will offer the same streaming capabilities at a cool $5 but will only work on Amazon's Echo hardware. According to sources, Amazon hopes to launch both streaming services at the beginning of September, though it is still in negotiations regarding its Echo-only service.

If successful, Amazon's new music streaming service could be the gateway to a whole new consumer market for the company's smart home speaker. The Alexa-based technology entered the market last year and reportedly sold one million units just in the United States. To bolster sales, Amazon has recently joined forces with other connected technology, including Nexia, Yelp, and personal health tracker Fitbit, making Echo a very comprehensive and knowledgable home system.

Image: © Peppinuzzo - Shutterstock.com
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