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Iran's Domestic Web Plan Causes Concern

Olivia Long - August 29, 2016 - 12:04 PM
Iran's Domestic Web Plan Causes Concern
The Iranian government's plans to introduce an exclusive internet have been met with disapproval overseas.

(CCM) — On Sunday, Iran's Communications and Information Technology Minister, Mahmoud Vaezi, hosted a ceremony to celebrate the end of the first phase of the country's initiative to launch a "national internet," to the chagrin of many critics. The government says that it hopes to "create an isolated domestic intranet that can be used to promote Islamic content and raise digital awareness among the public," according to reports by The BBC.

But, as The BBC notes, many detractors are already criticizing the amount of control that this plan would give to the government, which already censors several internationally based sites, like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. (Users have, however, found success using VPNs and proxy sites to bypass these blocks due to, what Vaezi calls, the "inefficient filters" that they depend on.) There have also been worries about the violation of human rights that it might involve, given its potential to alienate the nation from outside influences and information. The entire domestic internet project, which has been split into three phases, is expected to be completed in March 2017.

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