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Apple Sued Over iPhone's 'Touch Disease'

Apple Sued Over iPhone's 'Touch Disease'
Apple was handed a class action suit alleging that it has ignored complaints about unresponsive iPhone screens.

(CCM) — Customers have been complaining to Apple about a design defect in iPhone 6 and 6 Plus screens that cause them to become unresponsive — and now they are accusing the company, itself, of being the same. The California-based tech giant was slapped with a nationwide class action lawsuit over the weekend alleging that, although it has long been aware of the defect — nicknamed "Touch Disease" — it refuses to take action to fix it. According to the suit, the smartphone screens first display a flickering gray bar atop the screen and then become unresponsive, rendering them "[unfit] for the purpose of use as smartphones." Because of this, plaintiffs Todd Cleary, Jun Bai, and Thomas Davidson seek unspecified damages from Apple for having both committed fraud and violated California's consumer protection laws, Reuters reports.

Earlier this month, Apple also came under fire for a major security flaw that was found in its iPhone 6 and iPad devices. This time, however, the company acted quickly, releasing a fix for the bug in just a few days.

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