Twitter Unveils Creator Cash-Making Plan

Twitter Unveils Creator Cash-Making Plan
Twitter is now offering influencers a new, easy way to make money on the platform.

(CCM) — On Tuesday, Twitter announced in a blog post that it had rolled out an expansion to its creator revenue program, making it easier than ever for the platform's influencers to monetize their efforts. As a way to bolster its move toward social media's growing video niche, Twitter is now offering creators the option to play advertisements ahead of their video content. Coined the "Amplify Publisher Program," the new initiative will allow creators to opt into related ads being shown on their videos either on a tweet-by-tweet basis or by selecting across-the-board integration. Each tweet that is attached to an advertisement will earn creators 70% (against Twitter's 30%) of the total ad revenue earned, with the option to up the ante by sharing the message on other platforms. In Product Manager Guy Snir's words, it is "as simple as checking a box."

Twitter has been a leader in the initiative to inspire the connection between advertising and creative expression, which is evidenced by programs like this one. In mid-August, it also announced the introduction of Promoted #Stickers, a feature that includes stickers created — and purchased — by brands for users to tack onto their tweets. The stickers act as hashtags in their own rights, connecting across the platform users who've added them to their tweets.

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