IFA 2016: Samsung Gear 3 Pressures Apple

IFA 2016: Samsung Gear 3 Pressures Apple
Samsung's Gear 3 smartwatches include new features that many Apple fans are hoping for in the updated Apple Watch.

(CCM) — Samsung has put itself on a collision course with Apple following today's unveiling of the Gear 3, the latest version of its smartwatch. Apple is widely expected to announce an updated version of its smartwatch next week. Gear 3 contains many of the features that are rumored to be introduced by Apple — such as built-in GPS — as well as LTE connectivity, which Apple is not thought to be about to introduce. Gear 3 will also make use of Corning's new toughened Gorilla Glass SR+, which has been specifically designed for wearable devices and which offers performance levels that rival the crystal sapphire screens used by Apple.

The Gear 3 will be available in two models: a rugged S3 frontier, which has LTE connectivity so that the watch can make and receive calls independently of a smartphone, and a more refined Gear 3 classic, which does does not offer LTE. Both are equipped with 768 MB of memory, a speaker, Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) for Samsung Pay, Near Field Communication (NFC) support, and a Super AMOLED screen which is always on. A 380mAh battery means that both watches can be used for up to four days on a single charge, the company says.

Image: © Samsung.