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Samsung Recalls Exploding Note7 Phones

Olivia Long - September 2, 2016 - 07:46 AM
Samsung Recalls Exploding Note7 Phones
Samsung has announced a total recall of its Galaxy Note7 due to repeated complaints of it catching fire.

(CCM) — Galaxy Note7 owners have been complaining to Samsung about the device's spontaneous combustion, and Samsung has finally issued a recall for it. According to 35 individual consumer complaints, the brand new devices were exploding while being charged due to — what Samsung has identified as — "a battery cell issue." As a result, the company announced in a blog post that it has stopped selling the Note7 pending further investigation into the issue. It has also extended an offer to replace Galaxy Note7 devices with new ones "over the coming weeks."

The Note7, which was introduced to the smartphone market in mid-August, has so far racked up impressive sales figures, which could be weakened by the recall. It has also come at a bad time for Samsung, which finds itself in tough competition with Apple as the rival smartphone developer gears up for its highly anticipated iPhone 7 release. Samsung can, however, rely on a swift and convincing response to the Note7 issue as well as its new Gear 3 smartwatch to restore customer faith in the brand.

Image: © Samsung.
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