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OpenOffice Is on the Verge of Collapse

Paul Rubens - September 5, 2016 - 08:38 AM
OpenOffice Is on the Verge of Collapse
The project may be abandoned because it has too few developers to fix security flaws in a timely manner.

(CCM) — The Apache OpenOffice project is in critical condition because too few developers are interested in continuing to contribute to it, Tech Times is reporting. OpenOffice is an open source productivity suite and is a free alternative to Microsoft's Office software. Just half a dozen volunteer developers are regularly working on the project, resulting in an inability to fix security and other flaws in the software quickly. The last release of the software was in October 2015, and a serious security vulnerability in the software that was spotted at the time was only fixed last week. Dennis Hamilton, one of the project's leaders, confirmed in a recent email that "retirement of the project is a serious possibility."

OpenOffice's problems started in 2010 when many of the project's developers left to join LibreOffice, another open source alternative to Microsoft Office, when OpenOffice.org (as it was known then) was acquired by Oracle. LibreOffice is based on the original OpenOffice.org codebase, and has been downloaded over 120 million times. Its most recent release was at the beginning of August, and an official aim of the project is to have over 200 million users within the next four years.

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