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'Hello' Passes Kickstarter Goal by 1000%

Christina Langer - September 6, 2016 - 08:08 AM
'Hello' Passes Kickstarter Goal by 1000%
The cross-platform smart device offers a cheaper and more intuitive solution to video conferencing and security.

(CCM) — From smartphone applications to advanced conferencing services, technology has provided countless solutions to many modern-day communication gaps experienced at home, or in the workplace. But as we all know, as the technology becomes more advanced, it is also prone to becoming more complicated, and much more expensive. Enter Hello, a new device designed to be the affordable communication solution for businesses and individuals. Created by two former Kosovo refugees, Hello is a voice-controlled webcam that requires just two cables (HDMI and power) to turn any TV into an advanced communication platform. Boasting four smart microphones, a 4K video sensor, and a tilting lens, the camera makes communication in both big groups and small much more simple and intuitive. To begin a call, users simply plug the Hello device into the host TV and then use the Hello app to scan a QR code to the camera. Participants can join calls from any device by accepting a call or by calling in to the conference. The Hello platform offers wireless screen and file sharing, live broadcasting, and motion-activated security features that are suitable to both professional and personal needs. "Hello brings productivity to the modern age of technology by bridging cross-platform connectivity and creating a productive space where work and home can co-exist," said Labinot Bytyqi, the company's founder and CEO.

Individuals or businesses interested in backing Hello can do so on the company's official Kickstarter page. All backers will get unlimited lifetime use of Hello apps and services at no cost. The product is currently slated for delivery in December 2016.

Image: © Solaborate.com
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