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Volvo Ramps Up Self-Driving Car Push

Paul Rubens - September 6, 2016 - 10:28 AM
Volvo Ramps Up Self-Driving Car Push
Volvo's partnership with Autoliv may produce fully autonomous vehicle software within five years.

(CCM) — Volvo will team up with automotive safety systems manufacturer Autoliv to develop self-driving software for use in Volvo cars as well as vehicles made by other manufacturers, Reuters has revealed. The two Swedish companies are planning to establish a joint venture in the city of Gothenburg — home of Volvo — next year with 200 staff members taken from both companies. This headcount is expected to increase to over 600 in the medium term as the development operation progresses. The two companies expect the first advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) products to be available in 2019, while fully autonomous driving (AD) software should be ready for sale two years later. Autoliv has previously partnered with Volvo to make semi-autonomous driving software, which is currently undergoing testing and is not yet commercially available.

In August, Volvo announced a partnership with Uber to develop self-driving cars for the ride-hailing company, and in Singapore a trial of self-driving taxis is already underway. The whole autonomous vehicle industry is recovering from a setback in July, when the driver of a Tesla Model S electric car was involved in a fatal accident while using the vehicle's auto-pilot software. Volvo was bought from Ford by a Chinese auto-maker in 2010.

Image: © Volvo.
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